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On this page you can find some of the archived Reachout magazines, Church summer Holiday Club photos & videos, and other content. The Reachout magazines are in PDF file format. Click on required issue to either read or download.

In future, we are hoping to put some more active content on this page for your enjoyment, such as , photos, audio and video clips from events taking place in the Church.

Please email the webmaster with suggestions, or any suitable content that you’d like to see on this page.

Reachout - March  2013.pdf

March 2013

Reachout - June 2013.pdf

June 2013

Reachout - September 2013.pdf

September 2013

Reachout - November 2013 final.pdf

November 2013

Reachout - March 2014.pdf

March 2014

Reachout - June 2014.pdf

June 2014

September 2014

November 2014

Reachout  - November 2014.pdf

March 2015

Reachout (March 2015) - Front thumbnail.png

June 2015

Reachout (June 2015) - Front Thumbnail.png November 2015.pdf

November 2015

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March 2016

Newtonhill Church 5 Year Plan

Our 5 Year Plan (2016 - 2021) is available to view here

Here are some pics and a video from our 2016 holiday club,
Take a look to see some of the fun and action
and look at what happened during the week…..
Watch the video here…
To look at the slideshow click on the above pic
Group_Photo_2.jpg Small Final Sept 2016 Newsletter.pdf

September 2016

Nov 2016 Newsletter.pdf

November 2016

Newtonhill Church
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What a Wonderful World.mp3

‘What a

Wonderful World’

Nov 2016 Newsletter.pdf

April 2017

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