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1st Newtonhill Girls Brigade News

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Our session is now well underway and we currently have 11 Explorers, 15 Juniors and 5 Brigaders attending regularly.  Explorers are looking at all things Pink and Beautiful, Juniors  badgework  comprises  GB  Badge,  Cheerleading,  Bees  and Water  whilst Brigaders are looking at some of the ladies of the bible, keep fit routine, fundraising ideas and getting experimental.

Our dedication service was held on Sunday 18th September and our Company section attended the Remembrance Sunday Service.

Six of our explorers and seven juniors enjoyed a Divisional Fun Day at Templars Park on 1st October, a great time was had by all hunting for teddy bears, participating in games and activities, getting faces or hands painted and finishing with a sing song. We are looking forward to the Bettridge Panto prior to our Christmas Party which will end the 2016 part of the session.

Fiona Leslie

Church Of Scotland